Our Themes

1. Disability support

2. Inclusive education


4. Health

5. Financial Inclusion

6. Environment conservation

7. Agriculture


Techniques to Maximize Financial Literacy for Young Adults

We coordinate programs to increase financial literacy for young adults. It is important for them to have  specific knowledge regarding best topics to present and the distinctive personal finance situations young people are likely to come across. If you’re interested to support us embark on such a program, you will have helped many people in our community.

So far, we have trained more than 7,000 Students in our project


200 women have benefited through our micro credit program


We Construct Water Tanks

Two Water tanks have been constructed so far. 1 at Nyakahanga Secondary School and 1 at Ihanda Primary school. They both serve about 1,000 people with safe and clean drinking water. Many thanks to TDT(UK) and EWB Sweden.


Poultry Program

Families with over 60 persons are benefiting through the poultry program. And there is still help needed. You are welcome to join hands with Karudeca in supporting these people.


Entrepreneurship Skills are important in our Societies

100 men and women have been trained by our organization on entrepreneurship and business planning and management