Ongoing Projects


From 2021,KARUDECA and its partners will be implementing the following projects:
1.Child empowerment project in Kagera region. This project will be specifically supporting children with disabilities in Kagera region Tanzania. CBR approach will be used in which a child with a disability is supported holistically in areas of health, education, social and livelihood.
2.Reproductive health and Education. This project will train young female students in primary schools how to better manage their menstrual periods, avoid early pregnancies and make locally environmental friendly and healthy reusable sanitary pads. This project is anticipated to improve the female students health and hygiene, school attendance and academic development.
3.Public Disability awareness through mass media. This project will use local radio to educate the general public on matters relating to disability hence reduce stigma and exclusion of PWDs.
4.Ring the bell project. This project over all goal is inclusive education in Kagera region, Tanzania. This project will deal with ensuring that children with disabilities get access to education. This will be done by educating teachers and school management and the general public on user friendly school infrastructures for CWDs.
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We are still searching for funds to build more water tanks!

At Nyakahanga school Karudeca, with the help of Tanzania development trust, made the implementation of a water tank possible.

The water tank has helped the school children a lot, but still many schools have no access to water.

If you are interested in funding water tank projects please visit the following